Tombigbee RC&D Partners with West AL Works

Tombigbee has recently partnered with West Alabama Works, which will provide over 500 jobs to 8 counties we serve. This would be achieved by implementing a self-service kiosk, allowing individuals of various age groups to submit job applications to multiple employers simultaneously. Additionally, high school student programs will also be in place aiding them in locating a job and gaining valuable work experience. With this system in place, both young adults and older individuals will have access to numerous employment opportunities. To apply and find a job you can scan our QR code or click on the link provided.

Some helpful steps are:

  1. Once on the link , fill out digital resume
  2. Once digital resume is completed, you will be taken to the job page of jobs available
  3. On jobs page click desired jobs “view job details” which will expand job info/ details
  4. Scroll down in the details of desired job and you will see “apply” click this to apply
  5. Phone updates about job application should be sent if phone number was applied on digital resume

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