Project Name
Funding Type


Town of Woodstock Senior Center Woodstock Senior Activity Center Upgrade General $3,000.00 The Senior Center was built a few years ago and is in need of long tables to fit in the new space. They need to be replaced with new tables that will allow more seating for Seniors to eat and do activities.
UWA Wildlife Interpretation and Forestry Identification Education $13,698.86 UWA’s Wildlife Interpretation and Forestry Identification (WiFi) program will host 9th-12th grade Bibb County students, educators, and landowners at the Cahaba Biodiversity Center (CBC). At the CBC, students, educators, and landowners will participate in outdoor education outreach activities, especially those about natural resources.
Cahaba Medical Care Foundation Centreville Canoe Launch River Access General $3,000.00  The funds will purchase administrative and permitting fees associated with modifying the current structure  to provide a safe access point from the base of the canoe launch into the Cahaba River. The canoe launch currently has a 3-ft. drop-off into the Cahaba River that is classed as unsafe by the Cahaba Blueway.
Bibb County Emergency Management Agency Bibb EMA Extraction Tool General $11,348.22 Bibb County is in need of extraction tool to help with removal of persons that may be trapped in a vehicle that has been involved in an accident.
Bibb County Emergency Management Agency Public Education, Emergency Preparedness and Awareness Education $7,130.00 Bibb County EMA attends several community events and meetings throughout the year. This project will help provide educational materials needed to share with residents, steps to help prepare themselves and their homes if an disaster or emergency event should take place.


Alabama Cooperative Extension System Fayette County Extension Virtual Program Delivery Education $7,860.58 In order to keep up with current stakeholder needs, Alabama Extension expanded online outreach and increased productivity using every available technology during this COVID-19 pandemic. The Fayette County Extension Office would like to increase access to our programs to Fayette County citizens. Through virtual program delivery, participants can interact in Extension programs from the safety and convenience of their homes or classrooms.
Hubbertville School Fayette County Commission General $7,700.00 Building up a layer of gravel in portions of the parking area.
Fayette County High School Agriscience Department Fayette County Agriculture Program-School Farm Education $7,335.00 This educational project will include improvements to our existing school farm, as well as adding a swine unit to further our instructional capabilities.
Hubbertville Youth Athletic Association Community Park Restoration General $9,550.00 This grant will be used to replace the dilapidated fencing on our largest youth baseball/softball field. This park is used by all of the community members of Hubbertville and supports the youth sports programs for the Hubbertville community.
Fayette Middle School ViewSonic Interactive Boards for Special Education Classrooms Education $5,463.00 To purchase three ViewSonic Interactive Panel Boards to be used in the special education classrooms. We currently have three special education classrooms- one in fifth grade, sixth grade, and one for seventh and eighth grades (combined).


Greene County Foster & Adoptive Parents Assoc. Reaching To Teach Education $15,000.00 Reaching to Teach will be a combined effort of organizations within Greene County to find an avenue to assist the students and their families during this pandemic. Life must go on, education must advance and the outdoors can be our learning field after being confined in virtual solitude. Safe spaces will be available as needed to insure our youth has access and supervision to gain the needed knowledge to complete their educational goals for the year.
Eutaw Area Chamber of Commerce Downtown Square Holiday Lighting 2020 General $4,000.00 To purchase holiday decorations and lighting displays to promote tourism in our downtown area.
Town of Boligee Revitalizing Community Center General $4,000.00 To revive the Community Center for the use of our citizens
Dollarhide Volunteer Fire Department Equipment Upgrade General $4,000.00 The Dollarhide Volunteer Fire Department is needing assistance with the purchase and installation of a Fire Skid Unit for the department’s Brush Truck.
Greene County E-911 Greene County E-911 Communication, Inc. General $5,348.22 To establish secure location and communication to provide emergency services to the community; by acquiring required equipment as outlined by law to enable this goal. 


Colonial Haven Care and Rehab Center Colonial Haven care and Rehabilitation Center Education $8,000.00 Continuous Training to keep up with CDC and ADPH constant updating of guidelines to keep our Long Term Care and Rehabilitation Facility safe and coping with the cost and stress and devastation of the COVID-19 Virus.
City of Greensboro Park & Recreation Board Smith Park General $15,000.00 Revitalize Smith Park to provide a safe place for children, youth and families to enjoy outdoor activities.
Hale County EMS EMS Responder Safety General $3,000.00 The goal of this project is for the acquisition of 14 Class IIIa+ ballistic vests for protection of EMS personnel. The vests will have patches to identify personnel as EMS and will afford the crews an added layer of protection while caring for the sick or injured citizens of Hale County.
Hale County EMA  CPR Education Supplies Education $4,742.66 The goal of this project is to update all CPR mannequins and AED equipment used by the Hale County EMA office to educate members of the community.
Hale County School System GHS Remote Learning Education $8,086.20 Because of the pandemic, students at Greensboro High School will engage in remote learning opportunities. Due to a limited amount of electronic devices, it is necessary to purchase additional Chromebooks. Our goal is to ensure all students have access to up-to-date computer hardware, internet access, and digital curriculum materials to complete all assignments.


Henson Springs VFD Remodel and Fire Equipment General $11,273.22 To replace the bay doors to accommodate the bigger fire trucks. Equipment will also be updated to better serve the community.
Northwest Regional Library  Libraries Staying Connected Education $20,828.86 For the four Lamar County Public Libraries to sustain and improve quality of staff and public access computers while also adding program technology needs. Our vision and mission are central to our efforts in sustaining and improving technology in Lamar County Public Libraries. This project will allow the libraries to improve library services and keep Lamar County patrons connected. Lamar County Public Libraries are now or will be receiving free high-speed Fiber Optic Internet service through Alabama Supercomputer and Alabama Public Library Service. The Stay Connected grant would help the libraries reach their technology plans and support high-quality public access computing. This project will allow the libraries to replace outdated workstations and public access computers, add large screen Smart TV’s for educational programs and meeting room technology, increase access to technical programs, provide students with mobile computer labs for study groups or testing, and create space for children to use computers safely. The Staying Connected grant would bridge the digital divide across Lamar County, providing high-quality computer and Internet access, training opportunities, and technology tools that help people learn, explore, and create.
Beaverton VFD Upgrade Emergency Equipment General $6,075.00 The fire station needs to upgrade the equipment so they can be effective in emergency situations.


Town of Pickensville Training Center Upgrades General $4,648.00 The Town of Pickensville operates a multi-purpose training center designed to provide training for its first responders: Police and Fire Departments as well as an educational venue for senior citizens and the community at large. Adding a new stove, refrigerator and a large-screen smart TV are the items required to complete the upgrade.
Gordo Area Community Development Foundation Pickens County Educational Center 4-H General $3,000.00 Replacing  windows with energy efficient ones
Aliceville Public Library Aliceville Public Library Roof Repairs General $9,700.00 Providing a safe and healthy environment for education, social development and cultural knowledge is one of our primary goals for Aliceville Public Library and Civic Center. Unfortunately, we have water damage and roof leaks that have created unsafe conditions in our building. We seek funds to repair the roof and repair interior damages in the building.
Carrollton Public Library Computers Education $4,356.86 Carrollton Public Library needs these new computers to be able to provide their patrons with up to date technology especially at this time when so many schools are relying on virtual classrooms for their students. Also, job applications, unemployment benefits, census forms and other important functions of our society rely on computers and the internet at this time.
Aliceville Elementary School Portable Folding Chairs Education $4,700.00 The Chairs are needed to accommodate adequate seating during assemblies and other events.
Aliceville Public Library Hot Spots for Aliceville Elementary and Middle School Students Education $5,500.00 Aliceville Public Library would like to have 100 portable, computer hot spots that we could check out to Aliceville Elementary and Middle School students as they continue much of their school year 2020 online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these students do not have reliable internet connections at home.
Pickens County Family Resource Center HELPING SAVE A LIFE Education $3,072.00 Teaching individuals the necessary skills needed to Save a Life. The agency will have a certified trainer that will go out and set up classes at the Outreach Parenting Class Center, Senior Site Centers, and afternoon tutoring programs. Focusing mainly on rural areas.


Health and Wellness ED Center Health and Wellness Education Center Outdoor Classroom Education $7,000.00 To expand the Medication Assistance program to reach more needy individuals in the county. Funds will also be used to construct and outdoor classroom to safely and comfortably deliver education classes outdoors. This classroom will be made available for countywide usage at no charge.
Cuba VFD Thermal Imaging Replacement for South Sumter County General $6,400.00 The current thermal imager has been used by the department to serve all departments in Sumter County. The thermal imaging unit allows firefighters to find downed victims in structure fires and likewise to more effectively put out hidden fire in structures. It is the “hidden” fire that often rekindles and completely destroys the remaining property that is left. 
Town of Epes Sustain Sewer System General $6,800.00  To provide a good sanitary system for waste disposal more effectively for the citizens of Epes.
West-Mid Alabama Community Development Corporation Roof Repair/Security System Education $6,500.00 Repair existing gravel surface roofing system and install a HD camera/security system.
UWA Fort Tombecbe Development Project General $4,148.22 This project aims to further develop the public-use facilities at Fort Tombecbe to increase capacity for educational and community programs. We will do this by (a) rehabilitating an existing structure; (b) installing electricity to the existing public pavilion; (c) providing additional seating for visitors.
UWA University Research Symposium Education $3,000.00 The University Research Symposium (URS) is a successful effort to promote research culture within UWA for both undergraduate and graduate students. The URS serves as a platform not only for students to present their research, but also for them to gain confidence and build a stronger resume.
University Charter School Full “STREAM” Ahead: Integrating the Arts into STREAM Education $4,328.86 University Charter School’s STREAM curriculum combines Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. UCS is proud to offer Visual Arts as a vital part of our educational program which equips students with skills that will allow them to become more well-rounded, creative individuals. Art promotes understanding of diversity and sharing of cultures. Art is a discipline that helps students to be more cognizant of their time, energy and focus so that they are able to produce any form of design. Visual art also enables them to see their community and world through a newfound lens and perspective.


Alabama Fire College Supporting Volunteer Firefighters through Effective Training Education $6,393.46 The Alabama Fire College officers training programs to properly train all firefighters in the state of Alabama. Each year, through our Regional Division, we support training in all 67 counties free of charge. In the counties covered by Tombigbee RC&D we offered 113 individual classes that served 3,303 fire and EMS volunteers and employees.
 Catholic Social Services Transforming Families living in Crisis General $5,000.00
This project is to help families in need, especially in this difficult time for most of us. For the poorest people, it is worse in several ways.
Focus 50+ Fleet Replacement General $5,322.60 Transportation service is one of the most critical community needs met by FOCUS 50+. This program provides daily transportation exclusively to area seniors in order to meet a variety of community needs. Without this service, many Tuscaloosa County seniors would not be able to live comfortably or be afforded the option to age in place. To continue providing this service, FOCUS 50+ is required to maintain a fleet of vans/small buses and raise local matching dollars for fleet replacement. 
Black Warrior Council, Boy Scouts of America Afterschool ScoutReach STEM Intervention Education $4,999.74 The Afterschool ScoutReach STEM intervention program is targeting K-5 students in the Greater Tuscaloosa area who are underrepresented in STEM majors. It will use robots as a basis for hands-on, project-based learning. Sphero is a small spherical robot that teaches coding and problem solving without requiring major overhead or a steep learning curve. Students use tablets to program robots to follow paths, ranging from the simple to hyper-complex. They navigate mazes, make complex drawings or replicate orbital dynamics.
Schoolyard Roots Gardens 2 Schools Education $6,461.28 Schoolyard Roots partners with elementary schools in Tuscaloosa, AL to bring learning to life through teaching gardens. In our core program, Gardens 2 Schools, we provide project-based garden lessons to grades K–5 during the regular school day to ensure that every student at each partner school benefits from our programming. Our Garden Educators lead garden lessons and maintains each teaching garden to ensure long-term programmatic sustainability.
The City of Northport Levee Walk Pavilion General/Education $10,000.00 The City of Northport will renovate an existing structure on City-owned property on the western end of the Levee Trail for use as an outdoor pavilion. The project will convert a vacant metal building into a large pavilion that will provide an outdoor recreation opportunity for members of the community. It will involve beautification/clearing of the property, converting the building to an open air pavilion, and installing picnic tables.
The Bridge Builder Friendship  Technology Opportunity Program Robotics Teams General/Education $5,999.16 Since 2018 the TOP program’s mission has been to increase student knowledge in science, technology, engineering and math using hands-on, engaging activities while becoming skilled in programming in three computer coding languages (Python, Edison and EV3). Students get hands on experience utilizing robots to solve mathmatics and science problems, working and collaborating in small groups and participating in Coding Competitions at the University of Alabama, in TOP’s in-house competition and participating in Science fairs.

Congratulations to all of our grantees for 2021!

Tombigbee Resource Conservation & Development Council would like to say a special ‘Thank-You’ to all our state legislators for their assistance in making these projects work for the betterment of our people and our communities!