Project Name
Funding Type


Bibb County ExtensionBibb County Forestry & Natural Resource Education Program Education$11,832.28Bibb County Extension, Bibb County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Bibb County Natural Resource Planning Council are partnering to provide two programs each year for all Bibb County fourth through sixth grader students. The two programs are Forestry Awareness Week Now (FAWN) and The Annual Bibb County Groundwater festival. These two projects will help educate the youth about the importance of natural resources such as forests and groundwater. 
UWA Cahaba Biodiversity Center CBC Water Quality Education Project Education$10,000.00The Cahaba Biodiversity Center is using the funding to teach the importance of testing for water quality and how to perform the test by purchasing an instrument / probing system for testing water samples for a wide range of parameters as well as a spectrophotometer for measuring light intensity passing through a water sample.  
Bibb County Conservation District Conference Room Upgrade Education $5,800.00The Bibb County Conservation District’s is using the funding for a much-needed upgrade to their conference room. Several other organizations utilize this area making the purchase of a new table, chairs, and two new storage cabinets essential.
Central AL Regional Child Advocacy Center Mandatory Reporter / Student Child Abuse Prevention Internet Safety Trainings Education $8,000.00This project gives adults and children the tools to spot the warning signs of child abuse and how to respond once they do have suspicions or disclosures of child abuse free of charge. They hold education/training/awareness events all throughout Bibb County and are truly making a difference. 

Brierfield Fire & Rescue, Inc. 

Brierfield Fire & Rescue, Inc. Medical Emergency Response Expansion Plan General $8,800.00This project is the final stage of a 5-year plan to expand the emergency medical response provided by Brierfield Fire and Rescue, Inc. This expansion includes the purchase, implementation, and training of a video laryngoscope to improve success when placing airway devices; the purchase and of point-of-care ultrasound (medical imaging), increasing availability of abdominal aortic junctional tourniquets; and the implementation of intravenous medication pumps to increase the safety of medication administration.
 Town of Woodstock Police Pursuit Safety  General $5,073.06 This project funds the purchase of a Spike System that stops criminals who are attempting to elude the police which will prevent accidents by slowing speeds down during a chase thus protecting the citizens and the police officers.
Bibb County Sheriff Department Law Enforcement VestGeneral$5,000.00Bibb County Sheriff is a small department with limited funding. At this time the part time and reserve deputies are wearing hand me down vest that may not fit correctly and are several years old. Thus, using the funds provided they will purchase new vests that will keep their officers in safest gear as possible.
Brent Volunteer Fire DepartmentEmergency Equipment (Chain Saws)General$5,008.90The Brent Volunteer Fire Department is using the funds to purchase chainsaws to help the fire department be better equipped to open roadways due to fallen trees during severe weather events.
Bibb Animal Facility Bibb Animal Facility KennelsGeneral$5,000.00The Bibb Animal Facility will be using the funds to replace their outside kennels.


 Fayette Middle SchoolFMS Library Floor Renovation  Education $10,000.00  The Fayette Middle School Library’s flooring is around twenty years old so with the funding provided they renovate the flooring to provide a safer and more appealing area.
 Berry High SchoolVape Detection   Education  $10,000.00 Berry High School will install vape detectors in the bathrooms and locker rooms which will alert them when one is in use.
 Fayette County Commission  Weather Radio Education $15,632.28 The Fayette County Commission will provide weather radios for the citizens of Fayette County as well as educational workshop on how to use them.
 Berry High School Berry High School Beautification & Increased Security  General  $3,765.00 Berry High School will purchase plants, edging stones, and mulch to revamp the landscaping in front of the school.
Berry High School Alumni Association Stop the Muck!General$9,305.67The Berry High School football field is used by varsity football team, three Berry Toy Bowl teams, special programs, and graduation ceremonies which is why the french drain installation is needed to provide an easy channel for water flow.
Town of Berry French Drain at Berry High School General $6,405.62The Berry High School football field is used by varsity football team, three Berry Toy Bowl teams, special programs, and graduation ceremonies which is why the french drain installation is needed to provide an easy channel for water flow.
 Hubbertville Youth Athletic Association Community Park Restoration  General $9,405.67  The grant will be used to install lighting at the new Hubbertville Community Park youth baseball/softball field. This park is used by all of the community and supports the youth sports programs for the Hubbertville Community.


 Dollarhide Volunteer Fire Department Dollarhide Volunteer Fire Fighters Health and Physical Fitness Project  Education $5,632.28  The funds will be used to purchase exercise and electronic equipment and health and wellness CDs and Videos. The equipment and training material will be used to provide physical fitness training classes for the Dollarhide Volunteer Fire Fighters as well as interested fire fighters from the other thirteen fire departments located in Greene County, Alabama. Additionally, the classes will be opened to the citizens residing in the Dollarhide Community.
 Eutaw Housing Authority Enrichment Program It’s Time for Upgrades to Help Make the Grades  Education $10,000.00  This project will allow for all computers, printers, and software to be upgraded as well as the purchase of laptops in the Community Center.
 Robert Brown Middle School 21st Century Library Media Center  Education $10,000.00  The project consists of purchasing 15 HP desktop computers that will be utilized and housed in the Library Media Center. Students and faculty will use these computers for school related purposes, which includes testing, printing, completing projects, checking out books, and accessing academic websites and apps that are not accessible on Chromebooks.
 True Vine Foundation Greene County Youth Character Development  Education $10,000.00 True Vine Foundation is working with Greene County Football team to build teamwork and leadership, but more importantly trust.
 Eutaw Area Chamber of CommerceEutaw Square and City Park Upgrades  General $6,381.96  This project is to purchase four additional park benches and ten concrete planters for the downtown square, one extra trash can for the city park tennis courts, and electrical work to re-wire dilapidated and damaged tennis court lighting.
Greene County Soil & Water Conservation DistrictRanch Equipment General
$7,500.00This project’s goal is to have available ranching equipment for beginning ranchers, ranchers with limited resources, and any other cattle owner in the county.
Greene County EMSWater Rescue General$10,000.00Currently Greene County does not have a watercraft for rescue situations. This project will fund the purchase of a boat as well as lights and safety equipment for the rescue vessel.
Greene County Parks and RecreationGreene County PARA Class General $5,000.00The funds will be used to buy 4 new computers to help with Greene County students during the school year (school projects, research papers, etc.) and summer programs, update their office equipment, aid in making sure they have enough supplies for various activities such as after-school activities, karate, dance class, elderly BINGO, the summer enrichment program and youth sports.


 Greensboro High SchoolHigh School Football Training Equipment  Education $17,852.00  The purpose of the project is to purchase much needed football training equipment for the Greensboro High School Football program.
 Hale County Soil and Water Conservation DistrictHale County Plat Books   Education $5,033.00 This project will fund the purchase of Hale County Plat Books that contain information relevant to all the residents of the county.
 Hale County High School National Youth Leadership Forum: Explore STEM  Education$7,400.00  This program provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills while solving problems of the future. They will tackle some of the countless technological and physical challenges that we will need to overcome to make interplanetary travel a reality and be a part of the future as they experience a Mission to Mars.
 Hale County Extension Office  Greensboro Education$5,347.28  
 Hale County Sheriff’s Office  Vital Document / Evidence Storage General $17,000.00  This project will purchase a storage building (16 x 20) to try to keep documents/evidence dry and in a useable/returnable condition.
 Stewart Community AssociationStewart Community Pavilion Playground  General  $11,881.96  This project’s goal is the revitalization of the Stewart Community Playground by purchasing safe and sturdy commercial playground equipment and to improve the existing walking trail so it can continue to be utilized by all ages.


 South Lamar SchoolDesks for Kids  Education $10,000.00  This project will purchase new desk for the students to make a more welcoming and comfortable learning environment.
 Lamar County High School Band of Gold Band of Gold Improvement Project  Education $10,000.00  The Lamar County high school band of gold was in major need of new band instruments and with this grant they are able to replace and repair the fifteen-year-old instruments.
 Northwest Regional Library Little Free Libraries  Education $6,801.00  With this grant the Northwest Regional Library will install little free libraries across the communities of Lamar County. The book-sharing boxes will allow community members to leave a book and take another which hopefully will help make reading materials more obtainable throughout the area.
Northwest Regional Library Vacation at your Library Education$9,330.00This program would take place during the summer when schools are out of session. This program would serve to motivate children to read during the summer by giving them reasons to visit the library. The program would include activities such as crafts, educational and entertaining programs. The project will provide reading incentives to get children excited about reading and hopefully incite a lifelong reading habit. The library would serve as a passport for learning about the world and help expose participants to new ideas and cultures by traveling through books.
North Lamar Rescue Squad Replacement AEDsGeneral$10,000.00The North Lamar Rescue Squad will use this grant to purchase refurbished lifepack units to replace the outdated equipment their truck currently holds.
Beaverton Volunteer Fire DepartmentTurn Out and Safety Gear for Beaverton Volunteer Fire DepartmentGeneral$10,000.00This project will purchase 4 full complete Turn Out Suits for the Beaverton Volunteer Fire Department. The ones that they currently have now are several years old and need to be replaced for the safety of their fire fighters.
 Town of Millport Picnic Facilities General $8,881.96  This project will purchase picnic tables to be placed around their walking track so that the community can use them for picnics or various other activities.


 Pickensville Volunteer Fire DepartmentBreath of Fresh Air Education$5,000.00 This project will obtain a SCBA/o2 Air Compressor Station to allow the Fire Department to gain knowledge and train under fresh air at will while using SCBA packs.
 City of Aliceville Basketball Court for the Children  Education $5,000.00  This grant will be used to construct a community basketball court to provide a safe fun space for youths to develop life skills.
 City of Aliceville Farmers Market Pavilion Paint Job  Education $5,316.14  The pavilion is used for many activities including educational nutrition classes and is in need of a new paint job.
 Tranquility 2020Healing Power of Nature and Exercise  Education $5,316.14  This project will provide an outdoor space for exercise and play for all members of the family. My first step is clearing out the space on the 10 acres, second step is purchasing the exercise and playground equipment, third is constructing the idea and fourth is letting families enjoy and stay healthy.
 Aliceville High SchoolAliceville High School Baseball Team  Education $5,000.00  This project will fund the purchase of new equipment and attire for the Aliceville High School Baseball team.
 Aliceville Elementary School  Be Well Pickens County- Safe Initiative and Beautification of AES  Education$10,000.00  The purpose of this project is to provide Aliceville Elementary stakeholders with ample seating for assembly programs. The use of canopies/umbrellas will provide protection from the harmful sun rays while students are actively engaged in social settings during the day. The character education/slip resistant mats that are placed in high traffic areas can help reduce the number of debris that enters the buildings and help students to focus on character education traits.
 Gordo Area Community Development Foundation Zion Community Center  General $10,000.00  This project funds the renovation for the community center in Pickens County. They will replace the roof, plumbing repairs, electrical upgrades, and new tables and chairs.
Town of Pickensville Stage Coach InnGeneral $8,881.96The Stage Coach Inn project funds the replacement of the failing windows and windowpanes, rotting exterior wood needs to be replaced in several places and the chipping paint needs to be scraped and repainted.
City of Reform AlabamaPolice Equipment General$5,000.00This project will upgrade law enforcement’s radar and software to help keep their citizens safe on the road.
Aliceville MuseumSecurity System Upgrade General $5,000.00The purpose of this project is to upgrade the security systems (burglar, fire, and surveillance) for the Aliceville Museum.


 Livingston Jr. High SchoolSensory Room: Helping Student with Autism Education $5,850.00  The purpose of this project is to provide the needed sensory room for students on the autism spectrum to help calm them, reduce anxiety and improve focus at LJHS.
 University Charter School Music is Instrumental Education $9,460.76  This project funds various musical instruments to be supplied to the University Charter School’s K-12 music program.
 The University of West Alabama Sumter Deep Sky Initiative (SDSI)  Education$9,460.76  The Sumter Deep Sky Initiative (SDSI) is designed to take advantage of the exceptionally dark skies in and around Livingston, AL, to bring amateur and professional astronomy experiences to all local schools, the public, and the University of West Alabama student body. Now they would like to expand all over west Alabama and eastern Mississippi where they will hold events with K-12 teachers, and it will be open to the public. This grant will find the purchase of two portable telescopes, computerized mounts, and dedicated astrophotography cameras.
 Panola OutreachPanola Outreach Outdoor Pavilion  Education $9,460.76  This project will fund the construction of a Panola Outreach Outdoor Pavilion which will be used to conduct outdoor educational classes and community events.
 West-Mid Alabama Community Development Corporation, Inc.Training Center Upgrade  Education $5,900.00  West-Mid Alabama Community Development Corporation (WMA-CDC) is using the funding to upgrade its training facility to include virtual training technology. This technology will incorporate upgraded computers, wireless printers, portable television screen for teleconferences, software, and a webcam. The center will be used for medical professions training, entrepreneurship training, and cancer outreach training.
 University of West Alabama FoundationWilliam Polk Spratt American Legion Post Conservation Area   General$9,081.96  The SCNT plans to assist the membership of the Post with oversight and maintenance of the property. This grant will fund the initial repairs to the Post building, badly needed repairs to the dam on the property’s pond, and signage designed to bring recognition to the site.
 ZHBC Community Development Corporation Repairing the Breach  General  $5,300.00  Funds will be used to purchase art and instructional supplies, classroom furniture, clothing closet hangers, wall paint, linoleum flooring and painter’s labor for ZHBC Community Development Corporation’s Masonic Lodge space for classrooms.
 Sumter County Sewer Authority Emelle Sewer Pump Replacement Project  General  $10,000.00  These funds will help to assist Sumter County and Town of Emelle to provide working sewer pump for environment and health concerns.


 Shelton State Community College Shelton State Community College Healthcare Pipeline  Education $6,402.00  The Healthcare / Nursing job category is one of the top professions identified as a regional need. The College is using the funding for two pieces of equipment for allied medical staff training programs: a nursing skills mannequin and a 2-rail hospital bed package.
 Tuscaloosa City Schools New Heights Community Center and STARS Academy Building Improvements  Education $10,000.00 The current facility was built in 1951 and requires renovation and repair to be used by the school and community. This grant will fund the renovation of the upstairs portion of the building that has water damage to the carpet and vinyl flooring.
 Tuscaloosa County School System/ Sipsey Valley High SchoolSipsey Valley High School Student Physical Fitness Program Education$5,000.00  Tuscaloosa County School System recently completed an athletic complex to serve athletics for both boys and girls sports in this rural community high school. This grant will be funding the purchase of furniture, exercise equipment, and appliances to supply this facility.
 Alabama Cooperative Extension System Irrigation Equipment for the Adoption of Innovation Technologies  Education &General $4,230.28 & $5,769.72This project will make available a Rain-Flo raised-bed plastic mulch layer and water wheel transplanter to regional farmers
wishing to adopt a plastic mulch system for vegetable or specialty crop production.
 Black Warrior CouncilScoutreach (Youth Outreach through Scouting) Education $10,000.00 The funds will be used to establish new and support existing Scouting units for under-resourced and at-risk youth.
 Safe Haven Inc. Operation Learn and Grow  Education $9,933.00  The purpose of the project is to education the community on how to grow their own produce and the importance of growing their own food. Safe Haven Inc. will host Operation Learn and Grow at Cornerstone of Health Education and Training Facility. The program will teach a step-by-step learning process on how our community can grow their own hydroponic garden in their backyard or available home space.
 City of Northport Hasson Playground Improvements General $3,000.00  This project will fund the design and construction of a covered structure to provide shade as well as a refuge area out of inclement weather.
 Schoolyard Roots Gardens 2 School General  $1,112.24 This project will bring hands-on learning, outdoor exploration, and nutrition education to 11 elementary schools in the Tuscaloosa City and County School Systems.
 Town of Vance-Wallace Tingle ParkWallace Tingle Park Improvement  General   $3,000.00 This project will extend the height of backstop in field 1, purchase of metal trash, and new picnic tables to be placed throughout the part.
Romulus Volunteer Fire Department UHF Fire Department Repeater General $9,000.00This project’s purpose is to install a 50watt UHF repeater at the existing location of damaged /failed booster radio system for the UHF Fire Department.
Tuscaloosa County EMANOAA Weather Radio Giveaway Communicating During Disasters General $2,000.00This project’s purpose is to provide every senior center, school, nursing home, and day care center in Tuscaloosa with a free weather radio.
Sipsey Valley High School Blended Outdoor ClassroomGeneral$3,000.00This project funds the purchase of the necessary supplies and equipment to be able to create an outdoor classroom at Sipsey Valley High School.
Catholic Social Services of West Alabama Finacial Assistance General $2,000.00The grant is going to meet the needs of people living under low-income situations with utilities and rent in the seven counties: Marion, Lamar, Pickens, Hale, Walker, Fayette and Tuscaloosa.

Congratulations to all of our grantees for 2023!

Tombigbee Resource Conservation & Development Council would like to say a special ‘Thank-You’ to all our state legislators for their assistance in making these projects work for the betterment of our people and our communities!