Tuscaloosa County Press Day

A group of community leaders, legislators and grant recipients met today to commemorate the distribution of over $90,000.00 in RC&D Funds in the Tuscaloosa County area over the past two years.

First row left to right, Bill Neighbors, Noopie Cosby, Frank Hamiter, Collette Ray, Chairman Don Sherrod, Senator Gerald Allen, Representative Kyle South, Susan Wesson, Eliza Sheffield, Amanda Cassity, Farrington Snipes and Denise Shirley

Second row left to right, Brad Lang, Dianne Averett, Lynn Corkren, Bettye Loftin, Erin Wiggins, Commissioner Jerry Tingle, Roy Loftin and Mary Jean Sutton

Third row left to right, Commissioner Mark Nelson, Lou Hansen, Fran Viselli, Brian Dickerson, June Lambert and Wilford Calhoun